Exercise Words Can Build Body-part Vocabulary

Simple Exercise Words Can Unlock Movement Skills
While Building A Great Body Part Words Vocabulary

Use exercise words during your kids’ exercise times and throughout the day, use a consistent vocabulary. Decide on a set of body part words with which you are comfortable and use them consistently.

In our media-saturated environment, children are exposed to an array of words. A critical component of the learning process is repetition!

You remember that adage: Practice makes perfect.

To embed a specific word, a person must have a clear and consistent link between the object that a word represents and that object.

If a person hears one word describing, for example, the tummy, each time the caregiver or teacher or parent refers to the abdominals, the word tummy should be used.

Basic Education Principle

By forming a strong and certain link between the specific body part and the word label, the learner will firmly LINK the term.

Later, in the learning process, we each acquire the ability to generalize that the front [anterior] portion of a person trunk is often named:

  • The stomach
  • The abdominals
  • The tummy
  • The squishy part

But for firm and efficient information acquisition

USE the same BODY PART WORDS throughout the day, during bath times, and out-of-doors. When you guide a play game, use these words consistently. To learn how to get ACTION STARTED by reading the web section: How 2 Move

Exercise Words for BODY PARTS That are SEEN

Suggested Body Parts Vocabulary Words

Ankle Arch Back Bottom Cheek Chest Chin Ear Elbow Eye Eyebrow
Eyelashes Feet Fingernails Fingers Ball of foot Foot Inside ridge of foot Outside ridge of foot Hair Hand Head
Heel Hip Instep Jaw Knee Leg Limb Lip Mouth Neck Nose
Palm Seat Shoulder Skin Sole of foot Teeth Thigh Thumb Toe Toenail Wrist


Kids exercise words are so easy to mix into everyday vocabulary and play times.
Here’s a big teaching hint: Be consistent in your choice of body part words.


Bones Blood Brain Heart Lungs Muscles Ribs Spine Stomach


So give some thought to what terms/words you wish to use in training your children to understand and be able to name the various parts of the body. Then use those words, yourself, very consistently, during the minutes you are with your child. This will reinforce their knowledge and diffuse the other words that they may be exposed to during their own day.

In the Training Manuals you can find the basic words and guidelines for giving kids that “I Can Do That!” confidence as they develop their abilities in moving and playing…all to LEARN!

Make these words part of your youngsters language!

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