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Kidskills gives careful instruction for teaching preschoolers gymnastics

Active PLAY in movement…for fun…for fitness…and for families!

Active play, like Gymnastics, when properly taught, can be a GREAT way to deliver lifelong knowledge about  exercise and physical fitness. Jumping, rolling, strengthening, exploring and flexibility are common to many sports. During active play, social skills are sharpened through careful instruction in a positive, fun way as children practice gymnastics in a safe place with a trusting relationship with their teacher…the parent is the FIRST teacher, of course.

We offer Lessons to:     make the body-brain connections strong!

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If you have a tablet or iPad you might consider using the media enhanced eBooks available at the iTunes Store.

We help you give your child movement education brings learning during play:

YOU will be giving them experiences that are gently nurturing, appropriately challenging and that old essential: repetition. Kids find great happiness in repeating a skill that feels good~ one that they have mastered. They want YOU to watch. Make time for your children as they beg you to watch them perform.

Listen to them shout:     I Can Do That!

These Benefits of Gymnastics are developed during classes by US -or- conducted by YOU

  • Listening Skills
  • Following Directions
  • Turn Taking
  • Forming Lines
  • Doing Tasks in sequences
  • Perseverance
  • Cooperation

Our Kidskills Training programs has been created to give you, the caregiver,  the added benefits of careful teaching. Using educationally sound methods your child will develop feeling of adequacy by providing opportunities some degree of success in every session. Active play brings children that “I Can Do That!” feeling.

Parenting Hint:

Each child should leave each class with an improved state of mind and body….having achieved, even it it means lowering some equipment or apparatus or physically carrying the child through the maneuver.

Join US and explore the ideas to train you children in their  physical development.

The BONUS will be the development of the body-mind connections during exercise and play times.


Use the   6~Part Training Series 

Read the details here on the web site -or-

Use the Kidskills Movement and Sports Training Series of 6 Manuals

to Practice The Fundamental Movement Skills

for your preschool child’s development.

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